School Life 

NEW Sixth Form

In response to demand from parents and students, our Sixth Form opened September 2011. We are excited to provide a unique opportunity to study for "A Levels" in an environment that will provide not only individual academic support, but also provide the vocational and life skills to prepare for university or work life.
Sculpture ParkThe Sixth Form curriculum at Lammas School is designed to provide a rounded educational package rather than just the delivery of A-levels.  Subject tutors are experienced and well qualified and teaching groups are very small, thus giving a greater opportunity to excel. Mentoring is available with professional people outside of the academic realm.
Students will have opportunities for the acquisition of social/management skills in their role as 6th formers. They are expected to ‘lead by example’ and provide invaluable support in school life.  Our Sixth Formers have privileges but they also carry responsibilities.
  • Most students will take four AS subjects in their first year in addition to enrichment, work experience and residential trips. In year 2, the number of A level subjects will normally be reduced to three.
  • All students will take part in a wide range of extra-curricular activities. There will also be opportunities for students to visit Universities and participate in residential field trips and holidays.
  • The enrichment Programme widens the curriculum and allows for each student to have a personal tutor, mentor, and subject tutors.
  • While uniforms are not required, there will be a dress code.
  • Sixth Formers enjoy their own Common Room, separate from the rest of the school.

10 reasons to take A-levels at Lammas School

1.   We have small teaching groups and can give you individual attention.
2.   We have experienced, well qualified staff.
3.   The curriculum provides a rounded package, not just a collection of A-levels.
4.   Key Skills are developed in every course studied.
5.   We work on a student centred model.
6.   Our 6th Form tutor will guide you on university applications and career choices.
7.   6th Formers have easy access to computers and internet within the school.
8.   You can begin to taste independence to prepare you for University life.
9.   You can develop your personal skills through involvement in the wider life of the school.
10.  Most importantly you have access to your teachers, one-to-one as required.

We will have a wealth of talent in our ‘small but friendly’ sixth Form, so why not come and join us.