School Life 

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Autumn Term 2010 - 2011
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  With our new banner

 with art by Peter H. Reynolds,

 illustrator and author.  Did you know he wrote the book The DOT to inspire creativity?


 Celebrating "Children

in Need" Day - no uniforms

 and plenty of dots!


 Going "dotty" for

 "Children in Need."



In the Art Room,

creativity exuding!






 Christmas Art contest winner, Cassie Rye's work.


 Peter H. Reynolds' artwork overlooking the

Leisure Centre reminds us to DREAM BIG!



 Here we are in Castleton on a

geography field trip.


 The Junior pupils had a splendid

time learning about the festival of Diwali which included dressing up and many treats. 








 More fun enjoying learning about Diwali, with a puppet show!


 Snow comes to Lammas!  Days off!!


 Enjoying sports lessons!


 The Dungeon at York on a school outing.