School Life 

Senior School

Unifom Senior BoyThe Senior School provides a supportive environment for students to progress to their full potential where the family spirit of the Junior School continues. We aim for it to be a place where imagination and kindness are placed side by side with academics and achievement. A place where the questions "Who are you? Where would you like to be going? How can I help you get there?" are as important as "What grades did you get?" Creating this environment is essential to creating well rounded individuals ready to take their place in the world.

Small class sizes and excellent teaching allow our students the opportunity to excel in their subject areas, to be the best they can be. They know they will get the individual attention and the ability to learn is based on their own learning styles. This reduces the stress of preparation for exams and they do better than they would in a large, impersonal school.  
Our students are encouraged to gain experiences through extracurricular activities to support their personal development.  Programmes such as Sports Leaders Award provide additional skills development to support academic achievement.