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It is my honour and privilege to introduce you to Lammas School, an incredible institute and community with a history that dates back to the 17th century. As a school, our mission is to provide learning in a nurturing environment, sculpt admirable values of equality and compassion and develop independent life-long learners who are ready and willing to contribute to society. Lammas School have incredible students and parents who encourage and support our mission along with our community.

As a local to Lammas, I know of its commitment to developing each student to fulfil their potential and the community that surrounds the school. Through years of hard work, the school has thrived and succeeded.  

By introducing the Nisai ethos and values, everyone associated with Lammas will benefit in several ways; from an enhanced blended curriculum, to additional courses available at GCSE and A Level. Nisai offers longevity and a modern approach that will provide the highest quality education to your students.

I would encourage you to learn more about Lammas School by arranging an appointment to come and see the spirit of Lammas in action.

I hope very much that I shall have the pleasure of meeting you.

Mrs Sara Baldry
Head Teacher