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We believe that we are preparing children for the life that lies beyond.

The school is guided but the National Curriculum but is not enslaved by it. S.A.T.’s tests are available for use by teachers as a means of internal assessment, but we do not participate in formal external S.A.T.’s testing. Pupils, staff and parents thereby benefit from the removal of undue negative pressures, enabling pupils to achieve their true potential in a less stressful environment.


primary-workingThe Primary Curriculum lays the foundation for standards of excellence, designed to excite and develop learning - with literacy and numeracy skills considered to be of prime importance. These include oral and written communication and interpretation, reading fluency, spelling and presentation. The techniques and conceptual understanding of mathematical principles and processes are strongly emphasised.
History, Geography and Science develop relevant knowledge, research and classification skills whilst PSHE give opportunities for self, group and community awareness. Spanish begins in Year 3 to develop foreign language knowledge.  Sport is a regular part of the curriculum with swimming lessons provided.  ICT for all primary pupils is taken in the Senior School ICT lab.
Subject area specialists teach the primary pupils for Sports, ICT and Spanish. Also, to support the ensuing Key Stage changes being introduced, subject area specialists will teach the Years 5 and 6 pupils. This support provides our pupils the best opportunity to prepare for the English Baccalaureate.
Uniform Primary Boy
Lessons are differentiated to enable every child to progress and achieve so that the less able receive appropriate support- yet gifted and talented pupils are able to strive ahead and be stretched and challenged academically.
The children are taught in mixed ability groups. Practical activities are explored wherever appropriate and children are requested to explain their learning strategies and evaluate their work. All our planning includes support for pupils of all abilities. In addition we provide individual plans for pupils in order to encourage learning and ensure each pupil achieves his/her true potential.
Primary pupils develop an increasing sense of responsibility for their own work and conduct and a respect for the rights of others, in readiness for progression into the senior part of the school.



In Years 7, 8 and 9, the curriculum builds on the good practise of the Junior School and develops the student’s basic appreciation and understanding of the concepts and skills required for GCSE examination courses. Courses are mainly cyclic, fully differentiated with modular content and inbuilt assessment enabling individual pupil’s progress to be monitored.   In Years 10 and 11, all pupils study nine GCSE subjects with the Core Curriculum enhanced through options.



GCSE Subjects Currently Available:


English Language      

English Literature     




Gateway Science 


Religious Education       

Information & Communication Technology


Art and Design


BTEC Sport




For copies of our Curriculum Policy and Curriculum Statement, please see Our Policies section of our website.
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