Pastoral Care 

Behaviour Policy

The aim of the school is to develop the potential of all pupils. Our Behaviour Policy supports our aim to create and maintain an effective climate for learning and is applicable to all students.  Good behaviour in school not only provides the correct atmosphere for learning to take place, but also helps pupils to develop into well balanced and socially aware citizens more able to take their place in society at large. All pupils at Lammas School are required to be committed to the principles of common sense, justice and consideration of others and fully maintain the ethos of the school.

Our policies include what is accepted behaviour and what is unacceptable behaviour as well as our disciplinary procedures.  Unacceptable behaviours include the following:


  • Smoking or possession of tobacco products
  • Substance abuse, possession and/or consumption of alcohol
  • Physical or verbal assault.
  • Bullying*
  • Racist behaviour
  • Sexual abuse and harassment
  • Swearing or using language in an inappropriate manner
  • Bringing and/or using offensive weapons in school
  • Inappropriate use of the internet
  • Possession and use of inappropriate materials
  • Truancy
  • Chewing gum at any time
  • Failure to comply with school uniform policy
  • Use of mobile phones in school time
  • Any other type of misdemeanour deemed unacceptable by the Headteacher

*Our Anti-Bullying Policy outlines our strict observance of ensuring a school where bullying of any sort, including cyber bullying, is unaceepatable.

Disciplinary Procedures are outlined in the Behaviour Policy.  We also maintain an Exclusion Policy which outlines when and how exclusion would be implemented.  Feel free to download the complete documents from Our Policies section of our website.