School Life 

School Life

At the Lammas School, we are fortunate in having the whole range of pupils and are committed to maintaining strong links between the Junior and Senior parts of the school. 


We pride ourselves in maintaining a family atmosphere where the older pupils appreciate and accept the responsibilities associated with having younger members of the ‘family’ around. The younger pupils also benefit by experiencing the whole of the educational process without the worry of having to change school at 11 and 16 years of age.


We have a House system with 3 housesSheild-Only with students assigned from all ages and all abilities.  Each house represents one of the elements of our shield. 

  • Lawrence House represents the book,  and is named for local author DH Lawrence, who grew up in the mining town of Eastwood, and represents knowledge. 
  • Sherwood House represents the tree and is named for local Sherwood Forest and represents the outdoors and physical fitness.
  • Newstead House represents the tower and is named for nearby Newstead Abbey, originally an Augustinian priory, and represents spirit.

Our academic programme supports all abilities and we bring the best out of our pupils by understanding each one's needs and learning styles.  We are guided by the National Curriculum but not enslaved by it, allowing our teachers the scope to explore avenues of learning based on what is happening in the classroom.  We stretch our pupils abilities and know that they achieve results that would not be possible without our small class sizes and individual focus. 

Uniform Seniors

We also endeavour to teach the skills needed for the 21st century, of communication, collaboration, critical thinking and creativity - which we believe are as important as academic attainment.  School trips support the classroom experience and after school clubs provided additional breadth of experience. 


The Lammas School is not a Preparatory school. We do not prepare students for entrance into other independent or state secondary schools and expect children entering the Junior School to follow the school curriculum minimally through to GCSE Level at 16 years of age and preferably through A Levels, if appropriate.