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Latest articles

School Newsletter
The April edition of the School Newsletter is available online. Sign up to receive our e-newsletter! (Author: )

From the Blitz to VE Day
Years 3 and 4 have been re-enacting World War II to understand the impact it had on lives. And now VE Day!! (Author: )

Natural History Museum Trip  
What a fabulous day our students had at the Natural History Museum, experiencing exhibits and workshops. (Author: )

Easter Festivities 
The annual PTA Easter festivities were enjoyed by all the primary classes. (Author: )

ISI Inspection Report 
The ISI final report is now available. Our pupils are described as happy and polite and receiving a good education. (Author: )

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Lammas School Attains Best Ever GCSE Results! - Maria Andrea (Guest) (30/09/2011 02:04:57)

Good Schools Guide GCSE Award - Caroline Wright (Guest) (29/07/2011 10:33:27)

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